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* Detox - Maintenance
* Suboxone - Naltrexone
* Counseling

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Addiction Treatment Services


· Addiction Medicine

·  Treatment for Opiate Dependence

·  Treatment for Alcohol Dependence

·  Suboxone, Buprenorphine, Naltrexone

· Substance Use Disorder Counseling 

Practice Philosophy

 Our practice philosophy is based on "Harm Reduction" which means that patients are welcomed  whatever their stage of recovery. The aim of "Harm Reduction" is to minimize the potential harms caused to patients, their families, and to the community which result both from substance abuse and society's failed "war on drugs" policy.

Additional Services

Care here is strictly confidential. We believe in using all available tools, including medical cannabis, when appropriate. We offer individual and group counseling with our warm and experienced CADAC II counselor. Consultations and referrals for primary care services are available.